Linking All Types of Teachers to Inter national Cross-Cultural Education

Date: May 8, 2013
To: All LATTICE members and friends


Subject: LATTICE Newsletter #532

TO: ALL LATTICE Members and Friends:

Newsletter highlights:

  1. End Year Message from LATTICE Outgoing Director/Announcement of Incoming Director & GA
  2. Volunteers for Korean Culture Camp of Michigan (KCCM)

    1. End Year Message from LATTICE Director/Announcement of Incoming Director & GA

    Greetings LATTICE Family,
    As my term as session director of LATTICE draws to a close, I want to thank so many people for their support and friendship throughout this journey. First of all, to the Board of Directors for their faith and support through these years. It has been such a pleasure working together. I also hold great appreciation for the Planning Team members, who have always been a source of inspiration, direction, and support. I always feel joyful coming away from our meetings with new perspectives and fresh ideas. To Kaliamma Ponnan and Damaris Mayienga, our graduate assistants over the last few years, I cannot thank you enough for all your friendship, hard work, and attention to so many details and keeping our LATTICE communication network flowing. I also want to acknowledge and thank, once again, Jane Fitch, our now retired food coordinator. Jane always made setting up for meetings so much fun, and I am thankful for the friendship shared over cups of coffee waiting for our members to arrive. Lastly, I want to thank all the LATTICE members for their contributions, open spirits, wisdom, and laughter. I will cherish so many wonderful memories from my time as session director. I am truly grateful to my entire LATTICE family. Thank you.

    LATTICE has had a long tradition and designated funding to provide a fellowship program each spring. One of the wonderful parts of being the session director is announcing the LATTICE fellowship recipients! This year’s recipients of LATTICE fellowships are Bing Tong, Idris Abubakar, Yanjiang Teng, and Dion Efrijum Ginanto. Please join me in congratulating these worthy candidates and members of our LATTICE family.

    Sue Seyfarth, the President of the LATTICE Board of Directors, will be announcing next year’s session director and graduate assistant in the message that follows. I wish them both much success in their new roles, and I am very confident they will both do an amazing job. I am greatly looking forward to our next year together in LATTICE.

    In friendship,

    Karen Klein

    Outgoing Session Director


    Dear All,

    The LATTICE Board is pleased to announce that Matinga Ragatz was offered and has accepted the position as Session Director for LATTICE. Matinga is a member of LATTICE, a former teacher in Grand Ledge Public Schools, 2011 Michigan Teacher of the Year, and currently working at Eaton Intermediate School District as Instructional Technologist.

    Please join us in welcoming Matinga in her new position. Matinga's email is

    Another change is Dwi Yuliantoro will be the LATTICE graduate assistant. As many of you know, Dwi has been an active and long time member of LATTICE. Welcome, Dwi! Our former graduate assistant,Damaris Mayienga, graduated from MSU on Friday. Congratulations, Damaris!

    A big thank you goes to Karen Klein for her role as Session Director for the past two years. We are delighted that she will still bring her infectious smile as a LATTICE member to our sessions next year, while balancing her other roles. Karen will continue in Asian Studies as Outreach Coordinator and is expecting to be a grandmother soon. We wish you all the best, Karen.


    Sue Seyfarth President, LATTICE Board of Directors


    2. Volunteers for Korean Culture Camp of Michigan (KCCM)

    The Korean Culture Camp of Michigan  is a four day children’s summer camp for Korean adoptees, second generation Korean immigrants, or any other Pre-K – 12th graders interested in learning more about Korean Culture.  The theme this year is Celebrating Family.  LATTICE has been a wonderful source of volunteers to help with the camp for many years, and the volunteers have always had an amazing experience.   Please consider volunteering to help this summer!    It takes place at MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing on June 24th-June 27th.   Please see the attached flyer for further details.



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Best Wishes,

Karen & Damaris

LATTICE Session Director
Karen Klein

LATTICE Graduate Assistant
Damaris Mayienga

(Linking All Types of Teachers to International Cross-cultural Education)

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