Linking All Types of Teachers to Inter national Cross-Cultural Education

Date: April 9, 2013
To: All LATTICE members and friends


Subject: LATTICE Newsletter #531

TO: ALL LATTICE Members and Friends:

Newsletter highlights:

  1. Message from LATTICE Director
  2. International Children's Festival at Wayne State University
  3. Annual Peace Summit by Successful Black Women of MSU
  4. GLUNA Global Education Awards Nomination Forms
  5. Jack Schwille Retirement Event
  6. MSU SAID 4th annual gala event, just two weeks away!

    1. Message from LATTICE Director
    Greetings LATTICE Family,
    As our MSU academic year is beginning to draw to a close, we are now approaching our final LATTICE meeting of school year.  Please make a special effort to attend our last meeting of the year this coming Thursday, April 11th at University Lutheran Church at 1020 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing. This is near the intersection of Harrison and Trowbridge Roads. .  Social time is from 12:00 – 12:30 p.m., and the meeting is from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.  Please pass on reminders to other members that we are not in our usual location for this last meeting!  Also, we will be taking our official photo, which is a wonderful LATTICE tradition.  Please wear traditional clothing from your culture or country for this photo.    Our traditional LATTICE potluck will take place as usual, despite our change of locations, so please bring a dish to share.  This is a wonderful way to continue to share our cultural and family traditions through food and fellowship. 

    We have a fascinating session planned exploring the “Paperless Classroom” with all students and teachers working together through IPADS.  We will be hearing from our own Allison Rogers, a Dansville High School teacher currently teaching using IPADS.  Stacey Schuh, an Instructional Technology Consultant from Ingham Intermediate School District will be presenting with Allison.  Additionally, John Metzler and Connie Detjen from the LATTICE Planning Team spent some time visiting Dansville High School and observing numerous IPAD classrooms in action, and I think their observations will also be very interesting to receive and process.  Come see what is possible, and we are confident you will be amazed!  We also hope to explore how IPAD classrooms could additionally enhance and extend our own LATTICE mission. 

    One of the happy parts about the end of the year is we can celebrate the wonderful degree accomplishments of our LATTICE family members.  Our own graduate assistant, Damaris Mayienga, successfully defended this week.  We are so proud of all her hard work and this great accomplishment!  Sadly, she has let the LATTICE Board know that she will be stepping down as our graduate assistant as of June lst.  Damaris has long been a member of our LATTICE family, and she will continue that relationship.  However, it is time for her to pass the graduate assistant torch on to another.  It has been a pleasure working with Damaris this year, I want to thank her for her wonderful contributions and efforts to LATTICE.  I am attaching the job description, and I hope you will seriously consider stepping forward into a LATTICE leadership position and apply!   Feel free to contact Sue Seyfarth, President of the LATTICE Board of Directors, at or John Metzler, Outreach Coordinator at the African Studies Center at if you have any questions about the position.  You can review the job description here

    As previously announced, I will also be stepping down on June 1st from my position as Director.  I am thrilled to be planning to help care for my imminent grandchild when my daughter returns to work!  Being the LATTICE director has been a wonderful experience, and I will cherish the many friends and memories this opportunity brought to me.  I thoroughly recommend you consider applying for this position!  The posting materials can be viewed here. If you have any questions about the position, please do not hesitate to ask.  It is not too late to apply!

    One last position that needs to be filled is our Food Coordinator.  Jane Fitch has done an admirable job for many years of organizing our international buffet, keeping our supplies stocked, setting up and cleaning up each month, and sending out email reminders.  Our lovely lunches have always been such a warm, welcoming part of LATTICE, and certainly add so much to developing close relationships and great conversation.  So much of that is due to Jane Fitch’s dedication and hard work!  It is time for Jane to retire from this position, and we need 1-3 people to step up and carry on her fine work.   Please consider if this might be a way you can contribute to LATTICE.

    As I said, one of the happy parts about the end of the year is celebrating the degree accomplishments of our LATTICE family members.  Unfortunately, the sad part is we sometimes also have to say some goodbyes as it is time for our friends to leave the MSU community.   Please let me know if you are finishing your degree this spring so we can celebrate!  Please also let me know if you are leaving MSU, because we want to be able to say goodbye.  I don’t want to miss anybody, so please drop me an email at   

    Looking forward to see you all on Thursday,
    Karen Klein
    LATTICE Director


    2. International Children's Festival at Wayne State University

    Turkish American Society of Michigan (TASM) invites you to the Third Annual International Children's Festival, a day of fraternity to promote and foster understanding among the children of diverse backgrounds. Children from a variety of cultures participate in this celebration every year with their dances and songs. In addition, the festival features country exhibits, bake/food sale, and plenty of entertainment activities for children. The Festival is scheduled for Sunday, April 19 2013 at Wayne State University's Community Arts Auditorium. Click here to view flyer with more information.


    3. Annual Peace Summit by Successful Black Women at MSU

    You are invited to the second annual Peace Summit presented by Successful Black Women of Michigan State University on Sunday, April 14 2013 from 1:00-5:30 pm at MSU's Union Building. The summit is open to all MSU students, staff and community. Keynote Speaker is Donzaleigh Abernathy. Detailed information is in the attached flyer.


    4. GLUNA Global Education Awards Nomination Forms

    The Greater Lansing United Nations Association annually awards one outstanding teacher of global education and one outstanding globally active high school student. Further details and nomination forms are now available on the LATTICE website ( at the home page under "Latest News & Events. Please consider nominating!


    5. Jack Schwille's Retirement Event

    Jack Schwille, Associate Dean of the College of Education, was a founding member of LATTICE and has served this organization as a presenter, on the planning team, and long time member of the Board of Directors.  After 36 years of service to Michigan State University, Jack Schwille is retiring.  He was recently honored at MSU's International Awards Ceremony with a Special Recognition for Promoting International Understanding.  Please enjoy the following summary of Dr. John (Jack) Schwille's service to MSU taken from the program of that event:

    John Schwille, professor and assistant dean for international studies in education at MSU, has been an influential leader in international research and education for 50 years.  He is known for his collaborative leadership style and ability to bring out the best in people by encouraging engagement in important and challenging projects. 

    Since 1972, after initial research on France and French education, one of his primary interests has been in cross-national studies of educational achievement, primarily in civic education and mathematics.  Currently, he is co-director of the 17 nation TEDS-M teacher education in mathematics study, the first international assessment of student learning in heigher education based on national samples.  he has also worked extensively on international development in education, primarily in Africa, with major projects first in Burundi, then Guinea and now Tanzania.  At the same time, he has been a college administrator for over 25 years with responsibilities for developing an international dimension in research, teaching and outreach throughout the college. 

    Through his "infusion approach to international education" John has managed to involved faculty and students who may not have otherwise worked in international settings.  Over the years, John has made a difference in the lives of many students.  The alumni from the College of Education, whichi includes a vast network of international scholars, are quick to share their memories and the impact "Jack" Schwille had on their professional development.

    As a researcher and scholar, John has made important contributions since 1985.  He has promoted international understanding in research and development projects and therefore improved the quality of basic education in countless developing countries.  He has written numerous international books, book chapters, articles and technical reports and he has presented at numerous international conferences throughout his careers.  Currently, John is a key member of MSU's multi-college team formed to establish an endowed program for integrated rural development in Tanzania.

    A dedicated professor, mentor and fierce advocate for students and junior faculty, John Schwille is most deserving of special recognition for promoting international understanding at MSU and around the globe. 

    We honor Jack and all his wonderful accomplishments, and wish him our very best as he moves into this next phase of his very busy life.  The College of Education has invited us to a reception honoring Jack's 36 years of service on May 10, 2013, and we hope our LATTICE family will be able to attend.  More information, including how to RSVP, can be found here.


    6. MSU SAID 4th Annual Gala Event, Just Two Weeks Away!

    The MSU Student Advancing International Development (SAID) group invites you to their 4th annual gala event. The event will support a scholarship fund for women in rural India to attend high school/college in the greater Coimbatore region in India.
    When? April 19, 7-9pm
    Where? Hannah Community Center
    Why? These women come from vulnerable families and otherwise would not 
    have the opportunity to go to college.

    See attached flyer for more information.



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Best Wishes,

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