Linking All Types of Teachers to International Cross-Cultural Education

Date: November 15, 2010
To: All LATTICE members and friends


Subject: LATTICE Newsletter #503

TO: ALL LATTICE members and friends
Newsletter highlights:

  1. Next LATTICE Session: December 2, 2010, noon – 4:30, People’s Church in East Lansing, 200 W. Grand River. Topic: Millennium Development Goal #1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
  2. Resources for Teachers, from November 4 LATTICE Session
  3. Opportunity for Michigan Science, Math, and Art Teachers
  4. Canther Ntuli: A success story from South Africa
  5. LATTICE International Book Club
  6. Speakers Bureau Program at MSU
  7. Conversation Connection Database
  8. International Teaching Materials from American Red Cross
  9. Global Festival
  10. International Education Week, Nov. 15 - 21
  11. Opportunities for teachers/students


    1. Next LATTICE Session: December 2, 2010

    Join us for the next LATTICE Session Thursday, December 2, 2010,noon – 4:30 in the Social Hall at People’s Church, 200 W. Grand River, East Lansing. Topic: Millennium Development Goal #1: Eliminate Extreme Poverty and Hunger. Every 5 seconds, one child dies from hunger-related causes. (Bread for the World website, 2010).  Amita Chudgar, Ph. D, from the College of Education will facilitate our exploration of the progress towards this goal. Dr. Chudgar suggests checking out the following two resources in preparation for the Session: i) Review this link, ii) Print this MDG Monitor and bring to Session.

    The Best International Potluck in Town will be served around 3:45 p.m! Invite a K-12 educator or MSU International Graduate Student to join you at the Session!


    2. Resources for Teachers, from November 4, 2010 LATTICE Session on Providing Safe Water for All in the 21st Century.

    After an afternoon spent looking at the water portion of Millennium Development Goal #7, "Ensuring Environmental Sustainability, here are some resources for everyone:

    i) Materials - lesson plans, activities, source material

    ii) National Geographic site is about water. It has lesson plans, activities, and a good introductory 3-min. video imbedded in the first page.

    iii) H2O For Life - non-profit organization that links schools to communities in need of better water, in the developing world.

    iv) Aqua Clara - non-profit organization that provides a sustainable model for bio-sand water filters made of local, inexpensive materials. In the November 4 Session we Skyped with Mario Benavides, Director of Aqua Clara, Nicaragua.

    v) Video from the World Wildlife Fund, about sustainable agriculture and water use.

    We are putting on the LATTICE website (  the Powerpoint presentation from Dr. Joan Rose, who presented to LATTICE on November 4, 2010, on the topic of “Providing Safe Water for All in the 21st Century.”


    3. Opportunity for Michigan Science, Math, and Art Teachers – MI Water Web

    Plan K-12 student contests (with funding for prizes) for engaging students in water-related issues. Work on a task force with senior faculty from Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University, the goal of which is building a sustainable water enterprise in Michigan.  For more information, see; or contact Erin Dreelin, Ph. D. or Joan Rose, Ph. D    


    4. Canter Ntuli's success story from South Africa

    Canthar was one of the 9 South African students who visited LATTICE in Michigan in 1999. She was a 5th grade student at the time.  The sale of Zulu baskets and the donations of many LATTICE members made it possible for Canthar to attend high school as well as the University of Cape Town.  That she is graduating with an Accounting major is no small accomplishment but landing a job with Nedbank immediately after graduation is even more wonderful considering the extremely high rate of unemployment in South Africa.  

    Many of you know that Sally McClintock had initiated and chaired the LATTICE Zulu basket project.  This is the letter that Canter Ntuli wrote to her recently: 

    Subject: I GOT A JOB

    Hi Sal,
    I just want to tell you the good news. I got into the Nedbank graduate development programme for next year. Nedbank is one of the big 4 banks in S.A. I've been employed in the Retail division. I start next year 1Feb. All I need to do now is make sure I graduate by passing the two courses I am writing in a few week's time. I will work hard, already working on my preparation.

     My graduation is on the 18th of December. Everything is just coming together. I am really excited and nervous a bit,I am growing up:) None of this would be materialising without your support. I appreciate you so much and I enjoy making you proud:) My mom is also over the moon. Now it's up to me to make you all very happy by graduating in December,which I will.

    Send my love and appreciation to LATTICE also.

    Love you


    5. LATTICE International Book Club

    LATTICE International Book Club's co-chairs, Mary Hennessey and Amy Kilbridge, are thankful for the support given for the previous two events. As a reminder, here is the program for the rest of the year. Please invite your friends for these readings and share with them this Flyer:


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